Everything you Need to Know About Legendary Card Drop Rates

Legendary Card - Miner

Even after much debate about Legendary Cards, chest drop systems and card drop rates we’ve covered in previous articles. Clash Royale fans are still confused about the drop rates of Legendary Cards. And why not! Legendary Cards are the most sought after card in the entire game. People are even willing to shell out quite a few bucks just to land their favorite Legendary card. Burning a hole in your pocket is easy, but understanding the system and working toward it is decidedly difficult.

What is the chance of finding a Legendary card in a Super Magical Chest? What about the chance of finding a Legendary card in a Gold Chest? Don’t let your senses go haywire just yet. Here, we have laid out all you need to know about the Legendary card drop rate system for your benefit.


The Basic Facts:

Legendary Card Drop Rates

Before we move on to the actual chest drop rates, let us take a look at a few basic facts in Clash Royale.

  • You stand a chance of getting a Legendary card in any chest from Arena 4 and up. This opportunity, however, is much smaller for regular chests.
  • Legendary chests consist of only Legendary cards. So, the drop rate in a Legendary chest is 100%.
  • The higher the Arena, the better the chance of a Legendary card drop.
  • The drop rate also increases with the betterment in the type of chest.


Legendary Drop Statistics:

Now that you understand the fundamentals of legendary cards let us move on to the actual drop rates. Below is a table that outlines drop rates of Legendary cards each chest in different arenas.


Drop Rates Free Chest Crown Chest Silver Chest Gold Chest Giant Chest Magical Chest Super Magical Chest
Arena 4 0.03% 0.17% 0.01% 0.06% 0.27% 1.67% 10.00%
Arena 5 0.05% 0.33% 0.02% 0.12% 0.53% 3.29% 19.71%
Arena 6 0.09% 0.61% 0.04% 0.21% 0.97% 6.07% 36.40%
Arena 7 0.12% 0.77% 0.05% 0.27% 1.23% 7.68% 46.06%
Arena 8 0.14% 0.89% 0.06% 0.31% 1.42% 8.89% 53.33%
Arena 9 0.16% 1.01% 0.06% 0.36% 1.62% 10.13% 60.79%
Arena 10 0.17% 1.10% 0.07% 0.39% 1.76% 11.00% 66.00%
Arena 11 0.19% 1.19% 0.08% 0.42% 1.90% 11.87% 71.21%


Thus, as you notice, the drop rates in the Legendary Arena for any chest are very high. On an average, you are guaranteed at least one Legendary card for every 100 Crown chests opened! And the Super Magical Chest drop chance is very high in Arena 10 and above. So, brace yourself for landing even 2 Legendary cards in 2 Super Magical Chests, given the massive 71.21% drop rate.

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  1. Can you please help me build a deck… I only have 2 legendaries princess and miner and realy want to get to Jungle. I have all the cards for common, rare and epic for arena 8 and lower

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